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Prateek Gupta, also known by his stage name "eleven," is a music producer hailing from Delhi, India. With a sound heavily influenced by the bustling city around him, his laid-back, lo-fi beats provide the perfect soundtrack for winding down after a long day. His music seamlessly blends smooth, mellow instrumentals with the vibrant sounds of the streets of Delhi, creating a unique and soothing experience for listeners. Whether he's layering delicate synths over gently plucked guitar strings or incorporating organic percussion into his beats, the 27-year-old musician's sound is a captivating blend of contemporary and traditional elements.

As a musician, eleven draws inspiration from a variety of artists in the lofi music scene such as Kupla, Hoogway, No Spirit, and Softy. For him, making music is a therapeutic process, and through his work, he aims to transport listeners to a different realm beyond the reality they currently experience. His music is not just a listening experience but also a journey.

As a young athlete, eleven earned the moniker "eleven" while playing on his high school's football team. The number on his jersey, eleven, quickly became synonymous with his identity and eventually, he was known simply by his number among his teammates and peers. This inspired him to adopt "eleven" as his stage name, but what many may not know is that his birthdate also falls on the eleventh day of the month. This unique coincidence solidified the significance of the number eleven in his life and career.

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