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Prateek Gupta  (born 11 January 1996), better known by his stage name eleven is a Lofi Hip-Hop musician, singer, songwriter and record producer from Delhi, India.

Born and brought up in old Delhi, he spent most of his lifetime in the most exotic streets of the city playing cricket and football with the boys and doing everything what everyone else was doing. Since his childhood he was really fond of music as he used to stack CDs and Cassettes of music ranging from the old classics to the modern hits of that particular time and because of which he developed a unique taste in music. He was deeply attracted to catchy melodies and chill hip-hop music. It was later in his college days that he got his hands on a music production software for the first time and it was then he instantly realised that this is where he belongs and he just fell in love with process of beatmaking that he he started spending most of his time watching tutorial videos, reading blogs on music production and started experimenting on his laptop making music. 

He went on to ghost produce music for various artists and production houses locally in his town and putting out cover music which helped him polish his skills before he quit his corporate job to pursue music full-time. He then went on to work as a music producer/sound engineer for TVF, which is a reputed production house in Indian digital cinema scene. While he was working with the company he decided to put out his original music independently.

It was then he discovered Lofi Girl’s channel and YouTube and he was instantly shook by the quality of good and chill music and audience it had as he said to himself that this is what he is really and this is the kind of music he wants to make. 

He started putting out  lo-fi beats every week and it did not take him long to introduce himself to the lo-fi music community and he was then discovered by the music label/artist Pueblo Vista


With whom he put out a single called “ekaant” which went on to be one of his most streamed tracks in 2020 with over 800k streams on Spotify.

His biggest accomplishment till date being able to release music with Lofi Girl as he put out a single "Ember" with Tibeauthetraveler on his debut EP "Motions" which is his most streamed track till date with over 1.5 million streams.

He has releases on some of the most reputed labels in the lo-fi scene such as Pueblo Vista, Universal Music Group, Lofi Records, Urban Undergrounds, Soundplate Records, Autumn Theory Records, Tone By Gridge Records, The Lakeside Collective, Vine Swing Records and The Acrylic Label.

And collaborations with the one of the coolest producers around the world such as Nogymx, Tibeauthetraveler, Pueblo Vista, Spoonbeats, Andy Quan, Dokkodo Sounds, Dimension32, Lamar Azul and many more.

He has lots to offer in 2021 and he is constantly grinding to deliver the best and fresh.